frequently asked questions

Why do I have an initial balance on my card? I have not yet made a qualifying purchase.

As a thank you for becoming a valued member of BP Driver Rewards, we have extended a one-time initial reward good for up to 20 gallons — just to get you started.

Is there a fee to join BP Driver Rewards?

No. There is no membership fee.

Will my BP Driver Rewards Card be accepted at all BP sites, nationwide?

The card is valid at participating sites. You will not be able to earn or redeem earned Rewards at BP pumps in Alabama or other non-participating Pump Rewards stations or at any non-BP gas stations.

How do I register my BP Driver Rewards Card?

Visit and click the Register Your Card button. You will then be asked to enter your card number as well as some additional information so that BP can contact you about the BP Driver Rewards program and specific information pertaining to your BP Driver Rewards account. Click here to review our privacy policy to see how BP uses and secures your personal information.

Where on my BP Driver Rewards Card can I find my account number?

Your 19 digit account number can be found on the back of your BP Driver Rewards Card below the magnetic strip.

What if I don't have a BP Driver Rewards Card? Can I still register for the program?

Yes. If you do not have a BP Driver Rewards Card you can click on the Request a Card link or click on the Join button from the home page and select Request a Card. From there you will be asked to provide contact information so that a BP Driver Rewards Card can be mailed to you. Once you receive your new BP Driver Rewards Card in the mail, you will need to register the card online. You can also visit a participating BP station and pick up a card and then register online. The registration site is

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

Your User Name and/or Password can be automatically emailed to you by clicking on the Forgot Password link on

How can I find out my current rewards balance?

Card members can find their BP Driver Rewards balances by logging into

How are rewards redeemed with the BP Driver Rewards Card?

Cents per gallon rewards can be redeemed at the pump at participating BP sites. To redeem cents per gallon rewards at the pump, a cardmember swipes their BP Rewards Card at the beginning of the transaction and is then asked on the prompter if they would like to redeem their rewards. If they choose yes, the price automatically rolls back to the amount of cents per gallon rewards available. The maximum rewards allowable for each purchase is automatically used up for 20 gallons each transaction. Any unused rewards rewards on each purchase are forfeited. However, the price will never roll back to less than $.109 per gallon.

May I combine my BP Driver Rewards with my BP Visa Rewards?

Unfortunately, no. BP Driver Rewards may not be combined with BP Visa Rewards or any other BP rewards.

What if a cardmember wants to make a balance inquiry at a site?

Balance inquiries can be initiated by the cashier at the register. Once initiated, the cardmember swipes their BP Driver Rewards Card on the PIN pad. The earned rewards amount will be printed on a receipt.

What if the pump doesn't respond to a BP Driver Rewards Card that is swiped?

The card may not be activated or the BP location you are at is not participating in the program. For details on how to activate your BP Driver Rewards card please visit

How can a BP Driver Rewards cardmember get credit for a qualifying fuel purchase if they forgot to swipe their BP Rewards Card at the beginning of their transaction?

At this time, the only way to get credit for a transaction is to swipe the card at the beginning of a transaction at participating sites.